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Kelp forests contribute $500 billion to global economy, study shows

A mountain of gold: Mining titles threaten Indigenous lands in Guainía, Colombia

Home to rare corals, a Chilean fjord declines in spite of protection

Counterintuitive conservation: Fire boosts aquatic crustaceans in U.S. savannas

Indigenous women in Colombia protect rich Amazonian wetland from overfishing

Bankrolling biodiversity: How are private philanthropists investing in nature?

Rewilding animals could be key for climate: Report

‘Impact assessments need a shake-up’: Q&A with Georgine Kengne & Morgan Hauptfleisch

Blended finance can supercharge conservation (commentary)

Deforestation could pose disease threat to Amazon’s white-lipped peccaries

Biodiversity conservation needs a more ecological context and transformational concept (commentary)

For key Bangladesh wetland, bid for Ramsar status is no guarantee of protection

Saving Masungi, a last green corridor of the Philippines: Q&A with Ann Dumaliang

Ukrainian ecologists say nature will suffer no matter war’s result (commentary)

The dark side of light: Coastal urban lighting threatens marine life, study shows

Understanding reptile intelligence can aid conservation and safeguard ecosystems (commentary)

Protecting canids from planet-wide threats offers ecological opportunities

Island conservation should focus on land-sea links for most impact, paper says

Dollars and chainsaws: Can timber production help fund global reforestation?

Zero-deforestation commitments can push agriculture to other rich biomes, study warns

Brazil’s Pantanal is at risk of collapse, scientists say

Mongabay’s Conservation Potential series investigates: Where do we need to protect biodiversity?

Tech companies work to make fishing, aquaculture more sustainable

Counterintuitive: Large wild herbivores may help slow climate change

Climate change is hammering insects — in the tropics and everywhere else: Scientists

Peat on land and kelp at sea as Argentina protects tip of Tierra del Fuego

Animating the Carbon Cycle: Earth’s animals vital allies in CO2 storage

Will shipping noise nudge Africa’s only penguin toward extinction?

Alleged macaque-smuggling ring exposed as U.S. indicts Cambodian officials

Breeding success raises hopes for future of endangered African penguin

Rat killers in paradise: An eradication program remakes a tropical atoll

Negotiations to conserve Antarctic Ocean end in stalemate on many issues

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