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Brazil mourns ‘incalculable loss’ in National Museum fire

Community-run trading posts help Amazon forest people reverse rural exodus

A forgotten people: traditional Amazon hamlet fights for its territory

3,000 indigenous people gather in Brasilia to protest ruralist agenda

NGOs denounce Tapajós basin intimidation, violence, Brazil inaction

Cerrado: Agribusiness boomtown; profits for a few, hardships for many

African Parks to manage gorges, rock art and crocodiles of Chad’s Ennedi

Belo Monte legacy: harm from Amazon dam didn’t end with construction (photo story)

Venezuela’s Mining Arc boom sweeps up Indigenous people and cultures

Latin America-Europe trade pact to include historic indigenous rights clause

Ferrogrão grain railway threatens Amazon indigenous groups, forest

Alliance of the Bear: Native groups stymie Trump, tar sands pipelines

Temer offers amnesty, erasing up to $2.1 billion in environmental crime fines

Munduruku standoff against Amazon dam builders potentially explosive

Brazil: a world champion in political and environmental devastation (commentary)

Amazon dam operator defies order to shut down, police action looms

Belo Monte dam installation license suspended, housing inadequacy cited

Transformance: Finding common ground in the Amazon (commentary)

Why we can’t lose hope: Dr. David Suzuki speaks out

Zero tolerance of deforestation likely only way to save Amazon gateway

Indigenous communities resist Chinese mining in Amazonian Ecuador

Temer’s Amazon mining decrees derided by protestors, annulled by judge

Quilombolas’ community land rights under attack by Brazilian ruralists

Indigenous groups win key land rights victory in Brazil’s Supreme Court

Brazil’s Indians on the march in last ditch effort to stop land theft

Indigenous Guarani leader appeals to Europe to save people and forests

Brazil assaults indigenous rights, environment, social movements

A stubborn dreamer who fought to save Amazon’s Waimiri-Atroari passes

“We don’t believe in words anymore”: Indians stand against Temer govt.

Preserving orangutan culture an ingredient for successful conservation

Amazon’s fate hangs on outcome of war between opposing worldviews

Indigenous groups, Amazon’s best land stewards, under federal attack

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