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Podcast: Can the planet support a clean energy transition?

Analysis: Vietnam’s leadership flex shows how to drive electricity reform

Burning down the house? Enviva’s giant U.S. wood pellet plants gear up

Energy-guzzling McMansions make the American dream a climate nightmare

Indonesia’s $300m geothermal play risks being undercut by cheap coal

No more business as usual: Halt dangerous development projects that put our health at risk (commentary)

South Korea subsidizing biomass so heavily that wind and solar are being crowded out of the market

Wireless grids and towers of power: Engineering our way out of dirty energy

A wave-powered ferry aims to forge a new path for shipping in the Philippines

In Indonesian renewables bill, activists see chance to move away from coal

COP25: EU officials say biomass burning policy to come under critical review

COP25: Wood pellet CEO claims biomass carbon neutrality, despite science

COP25 may put climate at greater risk by failing to address forests

In surprise move, Brazil has removed restrictions on Amazon sugarcane production

UN and policymakers, wake up! Burning trees for energy is not carbon neutral (commentary)

New UN report takes stock of renewable energy’s decade-long growth spurt

Japan builds coal plants abroad that wouldn’t be allowed at home: Report

When rich economies cut emissions, poor ones stand to benefit, study says

From flaming to free-flowing: The full lesson of the recovery of the Cuyahoga River (commentary)

Carbon to burn: UK net-zero emissions pledge undermined by biomass energy

Shift to renewable energy could have biodiversity cost, researchers caution

No need to dam free-flowing rivers to meet world’s climate and energy targets

Indonesia electricity chief charged with bribery over coal-fired power plant

EU sued to stop burning trees for energy; it’s not carbon neutral: plaintiffs

Will Malaysia become Southeast Asia’s clean energy leader? (commentary)

For Indonesian presidential hopefuls, burning coal is business as usual

With no oil cleanup in sight, Amazon tribes harvest rain for clean water

COP24: Summit a step forward, but fails to address climate urgency

COP24: Nations complicit in ignoring bioenergy climate bomb, experts say

‘Light for everyone’: Indigenous youth mount a solar-powered resistance

COP24: Coal casts a shadow over U.N. climate talks in Poland

‘Drifters of opportunity’: Seabirds track energy in tidal currents

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