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Is the US sinking climate change talks at Copenhagen?

Europe says US and China emission targets don’t go far enough

World leaders falling over themselves to show up at Copenhagen

Face-to-face with what may be the last of the world’s smallest rhino, the Bornean rhinoceros

Record year for CO2 emissions, even with economic slowdown

Hunting across Southeast Asia weakens forests’ survival, An interview with Richard Corlett

China’s Pearl River suffers from “almost impossible to remove” pollution

Illegal logging trade from Myanmar to China slows, but doesn’t stop

The Yangtze River may have lost another inhabitant: the Chinese paddlefish

Kenya’s pain, part two: decades of wildlife decline exacerbated by drought

Illegal ivory demand could wipe out Africa’s elephants by 2025

Tiger success story turns bleak: poachers decimating great cats in Siberia

Major Chinese Lead Smelter Admits Fault in Poisoning, Environmental Contamination

Malayan tiger rescued from poacher’s snare proves need for increased enforcement

Dangers for journalists who expose environmental issues

Political heat rising on climate change, but does the United States feel it?

Air pollution in China reduces rainfall

China moves forward on global warming: top scientists recommend emissions peak in 2030

Incinerators in China put health of Americans at risk

Chinese factory closes following cadmium pollution protest

New Yangtze River dam could doom more endangered species

What is the crop productivity and environmental impact of too much or too little fertilizer?

Deadly ‘brown cloud’ over South Asia caused by wood and dung burning

Wildlife trade creating ’empty forest syndrome’ across the globe

China delays massive water scheme to redirect rivers from south to north

China successfully cut pollution during Olympics finds NASA

New Beijing law cuts 800,000 cars from roads per day

China’s CO2 emissions 14% higher than America’s in 2007

China’s plastic bag ban goes into effect June 1

Will earthquake slow dam-building spree in China?

New expedition seeks evidence for survival of the ‘extinct’ Baiji

Invasive species cost China $14B per year

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