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Loopholes allow multilateral development banks to fund captive coal in Indonesia: Report

Java farmers vow to live under own steam as geothermal project falters

Large birds can boost forest carbon storage — if deforestation doesn’t interfere

Better accounting of peat and mangrove carbon to help Indonesia’s climate policies

Water is key as study shows restoration of drained tropical peat is possible

Pressure grows on banks to end business with Indonesian coal giant Adaro

Research shows the Caatinga is Brazil’s most efficient carbon capture biome

Indonesian company defies order, still clearing peatlands in orangutan habitat

UK’s Drax targets California forests for two major wood pellet plants

Circular solutions vital to curb enviro harm from cement and concrete

Hyundai ends aluminum deal with Adaro Minerals following K-pop protest

As fires ravaged Indonesia in 2023, some positive trends emerged, data show

Delhi gets the attention — but Kolkata’s air pollution is just as dangerous

Tropical forest loss puts 2030 zero-deforestation target further out of reach

Enviva bankruptcy fallout ripples through biomass industry, U.S. and EU

E-bikes could cut smog, energy use and congestion globally — but will they?

This year’s ranking of EV carmakers from most to least ‘clean’: Report

Report links pulpwood estate clearing Bornean orangutan habitat to RGE Group

Fertilizer management could reduce ammonia pollution from 3 staple crops: Study

Global conference to accelerate nature-based solutions: Q&A with Self Help Africa’s Patricia Wall

Planetary boundary pioneer Johan Rockström awarded 2024 Tyler Prize

U.S. natural gas expansion would surrender world to fatal warming, experts say

Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay

Freeze on Russian collaboration disrupts urgently needed permafrost data flow

Palm oil deforestation makes comeback in Indonesia after decade-long slump

Fashioning a circular future for traditional and alternative leather

Lessons from Finland’s attempt to transition to a circular economy

How much carbon does ocean trawling put into the atmosphere?

Study: Burning wood pellets for energy endangers local communities’ health

Indonesian palm oil firm fined for fires sues expert a second time over testimony

Agricultural nitrogen pollution is global threat, but circular solutions await

2023 fires increase fivefold in Indonesia amid El Niño

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