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On a Philippine volcano, an eruption-proof mouse rules the roost

In Malaysian Borneo’s rainforests, powerful state governments set their own rules

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It’s not too late – yet – to save the Philippine pangolin, study finds

Canadian First Nation deploys ROV in push for stronger marine protection

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Pet trade relies on ‘disposable’ wild chameleons from Madagascar

Protesters hold back military takeover of Balkans’ largest mountain pasture

Indigenous agroforestry revives profitable palm trees and the Atlantic Forest

Bringing color to conservation: a conversation with wildlife artist Morgan Richardson

Award-winning Thai community continues the fight to save its wetland forest

11 notable books on conservation and the environment published in 2020

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Being realistic about coal mine rehabilitation in Indonesia: An ecological perspective

Sighting of super rare Chacoan fairy armadillo in Bolivia ‘a dream come true’

Bold sustainability commitments: An interview with Microsoft’s Lucas Joppa

Podcast: Tiger on the highway

Hope and peace: Bison return to the Rosebud reservation

Podcast: Is Brazil’s biodiverse savanna getting the attention it deserves, finally?

Dolphins face growing pressure as development eats into Borneo’s interior

‘Turning fear into strength’: One woman’s struggle for justice and land rights in Sulawesi

The promise of ‘bird-friendly’ cities: Q&A with author Timothy Beatley

Podcast: Indigenous land rights and the global push for land privatization

Inside the weaving protests of West Timor

Podcast: Sumatra’s deforestation demystified

The women of Kendeng set their feet in cement to stop a mine in their lands. This is their story.

Honoring children and protecting the planet: An interview with musician Raffi

Philanthropist Wendy Schmidt: ‘Solutions are always local’

Amazon botanist Sir Ghillean Prance: ‘The environmental crisis is a moral one’

Podcast: Mongabay explores Sumatra, a land like no other

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