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Shaping the next generation of Indigenous rangers: Interview with Manni Edwards

‘What’s lacking is respect for Mayan culture’: Q&A with Pedro Uc Be on Mexico’s Tren Maya

‘Bring back burning culture’ to save seabirds: Q&A with Wudjari ranger Jennell Reynolds

Māori push for pandemic stimulus spend to save ancestral forest

In a Philippine indigenous stronghold, traditions keep COVID-19 at bay

Reviving an ancient way of aquaculture at Hawaii’s Heʻeia fishpond

Brazil mourns ‘incalculable loss’ in National Museum fire

Conserving the World’s Remaining Intact Forests (commentary)

A Sumatran king’s 1,400-year-old vision for sustainable landscape planning

Pre-Columbian Amazon settlement primarily ate fish — more sustainable?

Discovery of ‘Lost City’ spurs conservation pledge

Giant stone face unveiled in the Amazon rainforest (video)

Experts dispute recent study that claims little impact by pre-Columbian tribes in Amazon

Prehistoric Peruvians enjoyed popcorn

Evidence mounts that Maya did themselves in through deforestation

Destructive farming practices of early civilization may have altered climate long before industrial era

African pygmies diverged from other humans 60,000 years ago

Chocolate has been a delicacy north of Mexico for a thousand years

Killers of renowned anthropologist sentenced in Brazil

Peanuts, cotton, squash first farmed in Peru 6,000-10,000 years ago

Polynesians brought chickens to Americas before Columbus

Ancient Amazonian technology could save the world

Did asteroid wipe out America’s first people?

Amazon rainforest fires date back thousands of years

Chili peppers came from Ecuadorian rainforests 6,100 years ago

Lost civilization found in Peru

Bison-hunting Plains indians more advanced than thought

Amazon Stonehenge suggests advanced ancient rainforest culture

Easter Island settled around 1200, later than originally believed

Evidence of early maize cultivation and agricultural trade uncovered in Peru

Large Maya mural showing ancient mythology uncovered in Guatemala

Easter Island's demise caused by rats, Dutch traders says new theory

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