Articles by Rafael Duarte

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1982, Rafael Duarte is an award-winning photographer, documentarist, and journalist. He uses photography to document nature’s riches, evoke reflections on human behavior, and foster preservation of natural, historical, and cultural heritages on Earth. He is the author of the photo books: “RIO” (2019), “Abrolhos – land and sea” (finalist of the prestigious Brazilian literary award Prêmio Jabuti, 2017), “Expedição Miramundos Estrada Real” [Miramundos Estrada Real Expedition], and the “Transcarioca Trail” pocket guide. He has collaborated with international media outlets, such as National Geographic Magazine Brazil, VICE, Go Outside, Digital Photographer, and OGlobo.His work has been exhibited in galleries in France, England, Spain, and Brazil. Rafael Duarte has a masters in Cinema and Audiovisual Arts at Université de Paris 1 Panthéon–Sorbonne (France). As a documentary director and cinematographer, his films have been awarded worldwide. He has directed the films "Beyond dreams", “Whiteout”, “The Sea Mountain”, “Sons of Sound”, “SOS Uerj” and “Transcarioca Trail”. He is the founder of Miramundos expedition team and the director of Bambalaio, a production company and publishing house.Currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, he also hosts the environmental podcast “Reconecta” and collaborates with agencies and organizations in Europe. [email protected]