Articles by Maggie Andresen

Maggie Andresen is a freelance documentary photographer and reporter based in Kigali, Rwanda. She reports on the intersection of human rights, healthcare, migration, and the changing environment. Maggie has reported from across East Africa, Palestine, South Africa, Italy, and the United States. She has been published by Reuters, BBC World News, Le Monde, NPR, The Globe and Mail, The Thomson Reuters Foundation, The Telegraph, The Lily/Washington Post, The New Humanitarian, and others. Born and raised in New York, Maggie graduated from Temple University in 2017, and was a student at the 32nd Eddie Adams Workshop. She is an independent multimedia contractor for Reuters Africa, and is a member of the Foreign Correspondents' Association of East Africa, the National Press Photographers Association, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Maggie is HEFAT certified by Global Journalist Security.