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Frog ‘saunas’ may help threatened frogs fight off deadly fungus

Women weave a culture of resistance and agroecology in Ecuador’s Intag Valley

Haunting song pays tribute to Toughie, the frog whose extinction went unnoticed

How to ‘stop mining before it starts’: Interview with community organizer Carlos Zorrilla

New giant anaconda species found on Waorani Indigenous land in Ecuador

We’re losing species faster than we can find them, study shows

Nepal’s gharial population rises, but threats to the crocs persist

Frogs in the pot: Two in five amphibian species at risk amid climate crisis

Can agroforestry chocolate help save the world’s most endangered rainforest?

It had to be a snake: New species from Peru named after Harrison Ford

Rattlesnakes can calm down their friends, study shows

Ecuador court upholds ‘rights of nature,’ blocks Intag Valley copper mine

Newly described DiCaprio’s snake and others threatened by mining in Ecuador and Panama

New gecko species from Timor-Leste hints at island’s unknown diversity

New species of ‘Tolkien frog’ emerges from Middle Earth of Ecuadoran Andes

No croak: New silent frog species described from Tanzania’s ‘sky island’ forests

In Ecuador, communities protecting a ‘terrestrial coral reef’ face a mining giant

Top 15 species discoveries from 2022 (Photos)

Heat-sensing drone cameras spy threats to sea turtle nests

Toxic new frog species from Ecuador named after Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane

Tiny new tree frog species found in rewilded Costa Rican nature reserve

Chocolate frog? New burrowing frog species unearthed in Amazon’s rare peatlands

Top 15 species discoveries from 2021 (Photos)

New Himalayan snake found via Instagram

From Shanghai Knights to gecko life: The Jackie Chan gecko among 12 new Indian species

Rare pygmy chameleon, lost to science, found in dwindling Malawi forest

Deadly new snake named after mythical Chinese goddess of healing

Spiny new chameleon species described from Bale Mountains of Ethiopia

Top 15 species discoveries from 2020 (Photos)

[Photos] Tiny frog, venomous viper among 20 new species described in Bolivia

Back from the brink, baby Burmese roofed turtles make their debut

Turtles and tortoises in trouble: More than half of all species face extinction

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