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Madagascar takes key step toward improving transparency of its fisheries

New dams in Cambodia pit ‘green’ hydropower against REDD+ project

Can blockchain clean up the gold industry in Brazil and across the globe?

Indonesia permit payoff raises alarm about palm oil industry corruption

Forests in the furnace: Can fashion brands tackle illegal logging in their Cambodian supply chains?

Forests in the furnace: Cambodia’s garment sector is fueled by illegal logging

EU deforestation tracking regulation sparks division among groups, producers

Conservationists decry palm oil giants’ exit from HCSA forest protection group

FOIA lawsuit suggests Indonesian nickel miners lack environmental licenses

A new tool to peer into fishing networks: Q&A with Austin Brush of C4ADS

Clothes sourced from plants could expand deforestation – or abate it

‘Disclose the deal,’ East Africa pipeline opponents say (commentary)

Ecuador promises more openness of fisheries information under new initiative

Rangers in DRC gorilla park abused Indigenous villagers, report says

Palm oil firm hit by mass permit revocation still clearing forest in Indonesia

When Indonesia retook land from developers, it gave them a solid case to sue

‘Land mafia’ makes its mark in a Sumatran village’s fight against oil palm firm

2021’s top ocean news stories (commentary)

Secrecy shrouds new gold mining deal in Guyana’s Marudi mountains

Deadly raids are latest case of abuse against Indigenous Batwa in DRC park, groups say

Questions over who gets the billions pledged to Indigenous causes at COP26

It’s time for Brazil to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (commentary)

Everything is traceable – unless you don’t want it to be (commentary)

Final court ruling orders Indonesian government to publish plantation data

Oil palm growers’ misdeeds allow an opportunity to save West Papua’s forests

Secretive group found to have cleared orangutan habitat in Indonesia: Report

Papua tribe moves to block clearing of its ancestral forest for palm oil

Deregulation law ‘raises corruption risk’ in Indonesia’s forestry sector

2020’s top ocean news stories (commentary)

Pulp producers pull off $168 million Indonesia tax twist, report alleges

How we calculated Korindo’s revenues from clearing Papuan rainforest

The Consultant: Why did a palm oil conglomerate pay $22m to an unnamed ‘expert’ in Papua?

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