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Sumatran province hangs on for late rain as El Niño fires bring heat and sickness

El Niño leads to more fires and toxic air pollution in Indonesia

Cycling oil palm biomass waste back into the soil can boost soil health, study says

Trapping holds back speed of bird recovery in a Sumatran forest, study shows

Loss of wetlands threatens South Sumatra’s rich fish-preserving tradition

Sumatran tiger arrives at Tacoma captive-breeding program

Labor groups seek to build on Indonesian palm oil court win in new cases

Java fishers struggle with seine net ban amid rising costs, falling profits

As dry season starts in Indonesia, risk of fires — and haze — looms

Study casts doubt on sustainability of regulated blood python snakeskin trade

‘The promise was a lie’: How Indonesian villagers lost their cut of the palm oil boom

‘Land mafia’ makes its mark in a Sumatran village’s fight against oil palm firm

For forest communities in Sumatra, loss of nature means loss of culture

Build around the forest, not through it, study says of Sumatra trucking road

Worked to death: How a Chinese tuna juggernaut crushed its Indonesian workers

Local leaders in Indonesia make forest and peatland protection pledge

Podcast: Sumatran conservation solutions that empower kids, women and communities

Planned coal-trucking road threatens a forest haven for Sumatran frogs

Paper giant APP failing its own sustainability goals, report alleges

For Sumatran elephant conservation, involvement of local people is key (commentary)

Report finds litany of labor abuses on RSPO-certified oil palm plantations

Podcast: Tiger on the highway

Podcast: Sumatra’s deforestation demystified

11 workers killed in landslide at illegal coal mining site in Indonesia

Podcast: Mongabay explores Sumatra, a land like no other

Sumatran bridge project in elephant habitat may exacerbate degradation

Paper giant APP’s Sumatran road project cuts through elephant habitat

Indonesia approves coal road project through forest that hosts tigers, elephants

Land conflicts escalate with spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Habitat loss drives deadly conflict in Indonesia’s tiger country

Photos: Peatland fires rage through Indonesia’s Sumatra Island

As wildfires roil Sumatra, some villages have abandoned the burning

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