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As shark numbers plummet, nations seek ban on devastatingly effective gear

New protections for sharks, songbirds, frogs and more at CITES trade summit

No requiem for sharks just yet as nations push to protect species from trade

How Mitsubishi vacuumed up tuna from a rogue Chinese fishing fleet

‘There are solutions to these abuses’: Q&A with Steve Trent on how China can rein in illegal fishing

Exclusive: Shark finning rampant across Chinese tuna firm’s fleet

Greenland shark, world’s longest-living vertebrate, gets long-awaited protection

Maldives shark-fishing ban tested by ebbing support from small-scale fishers

Where do the guitarfish go? Scientists and fishers team up to find out

‘Why sharks matter’: Q&A with author and shark biologist David Shiffman

Study finds major brands selling cat food that contain protected sharks

‘They’re going to get worse and worse’: Marine heat wave persists off Sydney

Belize shows how fishers and researchers can collaborate to protect sharks

In Argentina, sport fishers are reeling in threatened sharks to save them

Ecuador to announce creation of Hermandad Marine Reserve off Galapagos (commentary)

Geneticists have identified new groups of tiger sharks to protect

Advocates welcome halt to shortfin mako shark fishing, call for longer ban

Study shines a light on Indonesia’s murky shark fishery and trade

Sinking hope of justice as exporter of 26-ton shark fin cargo gets token fine

Worked to death: How a Chinese tuna juggernaut crushed its Indonesian workers

If you think sharks are scary, blame Hollywood, new study suggests

Protecting Colombia’s shark paradise: Q&A with Sandra Bessudo

In Gabon, a new partnership protects sharks and rays

Shark catastrophe points to failure to enact global biodiversity agreements

Sharks on a knife’s edge as Maldives mulls lifting 10-year fishing ban

From penguins to sharks to whales, swimming in circles is a surprisingly common trait

Scientists discover three glow-in-the-dark sharks

Human impacts leave reefs short on sharks and long on moray eels

Whale shark stranding points to silting of Indonesia’s Kendari Bay

More Indonesian sailors repatriated from deadly Chinese fishing fleet

Breaking: Deaths of 2 more Indonesian crew uncovered on board Chinese tuna fleet

Efforts to tackle shark fin trade need to focus closer to shore, study says

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