Rainforests and Congo News

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Maps tease apart complex relationship between agriculture and deforestation in DRC

Rainforests: the year in review 2017

New study: Gorillas fare better in logged forests than chimps

Supporting conservation by playing a game? Seriously? (commentary)

New research suggests tropical forests are now a net source of carbon emissions

Does forest certification really work?

First ‘intrusions’ into unbroken forests drive pulses of biodiversity loss

Pangolin hunting skyrockets in Central Africa, driven by international trade

Big forests, big ag: Are rainforests the right place for industrial agriculture? (commentary)

African great ape bushmeat crisis intensifies; few solutions in sight

Conservation lessons from the bonobos

Women could be a key to great ape conservation in the Congo

No safe forest left: 250 captive orphan chimps stuck in sanctuaries

Illegal bushmeat trade threatens human health and great apes

New species of wild ginger discovered in DR Congo

The people of DRC’s forests

Successful forest protection in DRC hinges on community participation

Proposed Trump policy threatens Critically Endangered Grauer’s gorilla

Loving apes celebrated this Valentine’s Day

Introducing Mongabay news alerts

Forest protection funds flow to DRC despite ‘illegal’ logging permits

NGO takes action to save great apes in Cameroon’s Lebialem Highlands

Logging in certified concessions drove intact forest landscape loss in Congo Basin

Primates face impending extinction – what’s next?

Indigenous traditional knowledge revival helps conserve great apes

Trade in skulls, body parts severely threatens Cameroon’s great apes

What to expect for rainforests in 2017

The year in tropical rainforests: 2016

Brazzaville-issued mining permits dip into Congo’s flagship park

Cables reveal US gov’t role in Herakles Farms land grab in Cameroon

In unprecedented move, Michelin adopts zero deforestation for rubber sourcing

Gabon moves to share forestry profits with local forest communities

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