Popes encyclical News

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Interest in protecting environment up since Pope’s 2015 encyclical

Bolsonaro government takes aim at Vatican over Amazon meeting

Emmylou Harris links climate change to refugee crisis, lends her voice

Naomi Oreskes on climate change: “We’ve blown it… but pessimism is not acceptable”

Top Vatican official: climate change action is a “moral imperative”

The Paris climate talks ended in elation — now the real work begins, say Faith leaders

COP21 agreement prominently addresses protection of earth’s forests

Catholic bishops ask for binding, transformative COP21 climate treaty

Papal encyclical draws harsh critique from Peru’s private sector

Pope’s encyclical draws support from Peru’s #1 environmental official

Pope and Peru’s top mining CEO agree and at odds on environment

Peru’s Conundrum: a Pope’s environmental message divides his people

Pope’s environmental encyclical arrives in Peru to mixed reviews

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