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Best of 2012 – Male crowned lemur in Madagascar

Best of 2012 – Female black lemur in Madagascar

The Fossa, Madagascar’s largest carnivore

Ankarana Sportive Lemur in Madagascar

Jaguar skull

A common sight: the grey squirrel

The Borugo, a rodent of unusual size from South America

Tree-climbing lion of Uganda

Blue Monkey on Mt Kenya

Red Panda Day

Peeking macaque

Hanging out

Hunting endangers even the most untouched regions of the Amazon

Jaguar skull

Cheetah and African wild dogs go extinct in Cameroon

An acrobatic chacma baboon

Planned road to sever Serengeti

Infant crested black macaque

The surprisingly crafty margay

The shy forest buffalo

Baby sloth with its stuffed animal

White-nosed coatis on the move

A multitude of unidentified species

Crazy-eyed capuchin monkey

Yak traffic jam

Common woolly monkey at rehabilitation center

Empowering people by saving orangutans

Hippo rising

Unidentified Chinese rodent

Chad’s elephant wars

Protected reserves essential for Congo Basin’s megafauna

Triplet lion cubs

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