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Research links deforestation in Cambodia to stunting in kids, anemia in women

Culture of harassment persists for women in Southeast Asia’s conservation space

Fenced in by Sulawesi national park, Indigenous women make forestry breakout

As climate disasters claim their children, Bangladeshi mothers seek safety in bigger families

Indigenous women filmmakers form collective, using cameras to fight for rights

India’s new forest rules spark dismay — and hope: Q&A with activist Soumitra Ghosh

Indigenous Gurung farmers revive climate-resilient millet in Nepal

Can India’s Forest Rights Act deliver? Odisha state is trying to find out

In Borneo, the ‘Power of Mama’ fight Indonesia’s wildfires with all-woman crew

Amazon women create sweet business success with wild, vitamin-C packed fruit

Brazil’s Indigenous women march again for the rights of their people and lives

On Jakarta’s vanishing shoreline, climate change seen abetting child marriages

Fisherwomen fight plan for coastal salt farms on Indonesia’s Madura Island

Balancing elephant conservation and community needs: Q&A with award-winning ranger Fetiya Ousman

Sumatra women farmers celebrate court win against China-backed zinc mine

When wildlife surveillance tech ‘watches’ people

‘We must never assume that a healthy planet is automatic’ says WCS’s new CEO Monica Medina

We must center gender and community rights for climate action (commentary)

Women decision-makers can improve conservation and agriculture, study shows

Inaugural Indigenous women’s forum spotlights Congo Basin conservation

Indigenous women in Colombia protect rich Amazonian wetland from overfishing

Bringing the ocean’s vast ‘awesomeness’ to light: Q&A with Farah Obaidullah

Conservationists should all be feminists (commentary)

EU’s anti-deforestation trade rule should be more women-friendly (commentary)

‘We’ve got to help the oceans to help us’: Q&A with deep-sea explorer Dawn Wright

For women on Bangladesh’s coast, rising seas pose a reproductive health dilemma

Return to agroforestry empowers women in Nepal

Dig, dump, repeat, then watch the forest grow: Q&A with mangrove restorer Keila Vazquez

Fisher groups are the marine militia in Indonesia’s war on illegal fishing

Funding for women-led conservation remains tiny, but that’s changing fast

‘Small-scale fishers have a Ph.D. in the ocean’: Q&A with Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy

‘Rural women in Zimbabwe are in constant contact with climate change’: Q&A with Shamiso Mupara

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