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Trans-Purus: Brazil’s last intact Amazon forest at immediate risk (commentary)

Surrounded by intruders, the last of Brazil’s Piripkura hold out in the Amazon

BR-319: The beginning of the end for Brazil’s Amazon forest (commentary)

Rewilding key to averting mass extinctions and reducing carbon emissions

On a Philippine mountain, researchers describe a ‘fire flower’ orchid species

Forest degradation outpaces deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Study

Hotter tropics may worsen climate change, reforestation could lessen it: Studies

Brazilian dry forests are chronically degraded even in non-deforested areas

Study finds a Mexico-sized swath of intact land lost to human pressure

Vietnam creates new nature reserve, possible home to elusive ‘Asian unicorn’

Experts question integrity of Indonesia’s claim of avoided deforestation

Mining industry releases first standard to improve safety of waste storage

Forest restoration, not just halting deforestation, vital to Amazon

Corn growers in Brazil’s Cerrado reap a hostile climate of their own making

Pandemic or not, the mission to save the rare Philippine eagle grinds on

Palm oil from Indonesian grower that burned forest is still being sold

Indonesia to receive $56m payment from Norway for reducing deforestation

Green alert: How indigenous people are experiencing climate change in the Amazon

Indigenous COVID-19 cases top 500, danger mapped in Brazil agricultural hub

As habitat degradation threatens Amazon species, one region offers hope

Amazon road projects could lead to Belize-size loss of forest, study shows

Audio: What can we expect from tropical fire season 2020?

Bolsonaro revives a plan to carve a road through one of Brazil’s last untouched areas

Soy made the Cerrado a breadbasket; climate change may end that

Murder, logging and land theft: inside a crime factory in the Amazon

Rapid deforestation of Brazilian Amazon could bring next pandemic: Experts

Will the next coronavirus come from Amazonia? Deforestation and the risk of infectious diseases (commentary)

Brazilian government office responds to Fearnside’s BR-319 oil & gas commentary

BR-319 illegal side road threatens Amazon protected area, indigenous land (commentary)

Extreme El Niño drought, fires contribute to Amazon insect collapse: Study

Brazil drastically reduces controls over suspicious Amazon timber exports

Drones in the canopy: Project aims to save the Amazon with technology

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