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Strengthening crops with insect exoskeletons? Study says yes, by way of the soil

‘It sustains us all’: IPBES report calls for accounting of nature’s diverse values

Funding for women-led conservation remains tiny, but that’s changing fast

‘Nature has priority’: Rewilding map showcases nature-led restoration

‘No planet B’: Groups call for $60bn increase in annual biodiversity funding

Malaysian officials dampen prospects for giant, secret carbon deal in Sabah

Indigenous leader sues over Borneo natural capital deal

Inland mangroves reveal a tumultuous climatic past — and hint at our future

Building back Miami’s Biscayne Bay: Do natural solutions hold hope?

A startup deploys black soldier flies in the Philippines’ war on waste

Humanity’s dysfunctional relationship with Earth can still be fixed, report says

‘Opening the lid’ on toilet innovation: Q&A with author Chelsea Wald

An economic case for competing in the XPRIZE Rainforest contest (commentary)

‘Everything on this planet is connected’: Q&A with WWF’s Marco Lambertini

Lasers reveal steep decline in ecosystem function of degraded Amazon forests

‘Nature is next’: Q&A with Finance for Biodiversity’s Simon Zadek

Investing in Amazon Rainforest Conservation: A Foreigner’s Perspective (commentary)

‘Unless impunity is fought, we will not get anywhere’: Q&A with community forestry expert Lucía Madrid

2019: The year rainforests burned

The unrecognized cost of Indonesia’s fires (commentary)

Saving the forests of the Congo Basin: Q&A with author Meindert Brouwer

Mammal diversity may increase carbon storage in rainforests

The Guiana Shield, the ‘greenhouse of the world’

Youth, women, indigenous group pay the price of logging in Kenya

10 conservation “fads”: how have they worked in Latin America?

Some Indigenous groups wary of REDD+ following Paris Climate Agreement

New study exposes true costs of converting mangroves in Southeast Asia

Protected areas receive 8 billion visits a year, but still underfunded

Pollinator collapse could lead to a rise in malnutrition

Economic models for forests often neglect value of biodiversity

Accounting for natural capital on financial exchanges

Tropical deforestation could disrupt rainfall globally

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