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Hydropower dams further undermine REDD+ efforts in Cambodia

History repeats as logging linked to Cambodian hydropower dam in Cardamoms

U.K. court to hear lawsuit for victims of Brazilian dam disaster

Will the Mekong and Salween pay the price of China’s energy transition?

Banks backing Mekong hydropower failing on due diligence, report reveals

Mato Grosso shelves environmental license application for Amazon dam

In Nepal, environmental advocates fend off ‘anti-development’ smear

Controversy brews over proposed dam on Kathmandu’s Bagmati River

Hydropower in doubt as climate impacts Mekong Basin water availability

Brazil’s 2024-2027 “Transversal Environmental Agenda”: The elephants in the room (commentary)

Sarawak government’s hydropower plans worry Indigenous communities

Conservation ‘setback’ looms as Nepal opens protected areas to hydropower projects

Latest planned Amazon dam project threatens Indigenous lands, endemic species

What Brazil should have said at COP28 but didn’t (commentary)

Dam-building on Mekong poses risk to regional industries, report says

Java farmers displaced by dam remain treading water after decades

Conservationists condemn Nepal proposal to allow hydropower in protected areas

In Philippines, climate change tests Indigenous farming like never before

Divided by mining: Vale’s new rail track fractures an Amazon Indigenous group

Indigenous villagers still lack safe land, water & food after 2019 dam burst

Dam-building spree pushes Amazon Basin’s aquatic life closer to extinction

Ethiopia’s largest community conservation area brings Indigenous communities into the fold

Seeking environmental DNA in Himalayan rivers: Q&A with Adarsh Man Sherchan

Fishers confirm scientists’ warning: Brazil’s Belo Monte dam killed off the river

Forest behind bars: Logging network operating out of Cambodian prison in the Cardamoms

Second chance for Lula as controversial Amazon dam goes up for renewal

Dams and plantations upend livelihoods in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo River Valley

Organic farming, and community spirit, buoy a typhoon-battered Philippine town

‘It gives life’: Philippine tribe fights to save a sacred river from a dam

Robust river governance key to restoring Mekong River vitality in face of dams

As hydropower dams quell the Mekong’s life force, what are the costs?

In Sumatra, increased orangutan sightings point to growing threats to the apes

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