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Field research, interrupted: How the COVID-19 crisis is stalling science

Will the next coronavirus come from Amazonia? Deforestation and the risk of infectious diseases (commentary)

Pandemic staple: Report links top tuna company to forced labor, illegal fishing

Sinking feeling for Indonesian fishers as COVID-19 hits seafood sales

Indonesian lawmakers push to pass deregulation bills as COVID-19 grips country

COVID-19 disrupts a major year for biodiversity policy and planning

Mining activity in Indonesia takes a hit from COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 rages, evangelical pastor may contact remote Amazon tribes

Indonesia risks timber trade with EU after scrapping license rules

Indonesia ends timber legality rule, stoking fears of illegal logging boom

First possible COVID-19 indigenous cases detected near key Amazon reserve

Keeping gorillas safe amid COVID-19 concerns

Scientists call for independent review of dam project in orangutan habitat

COVID-19 prompts closure of Indonesian parks, and a chance to evaluate

Amazon indigenous put at risk by Brazil’s feeble Covid-19 response: Critics

Response to one pandemic, COVID-19, has helped ease another: Air pollution

In reporting on COVID-19, the front line is the screen in front of you (Commentary)

Vietnam considers wildlife trade ban in response to coronavirus pandemic

Bringing Christ and coronavirus: Evangelicals to contact Amazon indigenous

Conservationists set the record straight on COVID-19’s wildlife links

Coronavirus outbreak may spur Southeast Asian action on wildlife trafficking

China beefs up wildlife trade ban as COVID-19 outbreak intensifies

Coronavirus, trawls take a toll on shrimp fishery in Indonesia’s Jambi

Coronavirus outbreak hits Vietnam’s timber sector

When disinformation is a bigger threat than the coronavirus (commentary)

Illegal pangolin trade may have played a part in coronavirus outbreak

The wildlife trade threatens people and animals alike (commentary)

Conservationists welcome China’s wildlife trade ban

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