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Return of the GEDI: Space-based, forest carbon-mapping laser array saved

Could biodiversity be a key to better forest carbon storage in Europe?

Amid changing climate, Bangladesh farming groups conserve indigenous rice seeds

A caribou hunter and researchers uncover the impact of climate change on Arctic hunting

Rewilding animals could be key for climate: Report

Newly published carbon market standards aim to increase integrity, confidence

Southern atmospheric rivers drive irreversible melting of Arctic sea ice: Study

Plan to mine ‘clean energy’ metals in Colombian Amazon splits communities

In Calakmul, water troughs offer possible solution to human-wildlife conflict

As Himalayas thaw, snow leopards scramble for habitat: Q&A with Bikram Shrestha

Scientists map nearly 10 billion trees, stored carbon, in Africa’s drylands

Climate change is exacerbating human-wildlife conflict, but solutions await: Study

Himalayan catfight looms as tigers, leopards venture into snow leopard land

Carbon market intermediaries act with little transparency, according to report

Carbon uptake in tropical forests withers in drier future: Study

Updated guide gives practical advice for buyers of tropical forest carbon credits

Peatland restoration in temperate nations could be carbon storage bonanza

Forest modeling misses the water for the carbon: Q&A with Antonio Nobre & Anastassia Makarieva

Kenya’s youngest environmental ambassador: Q&A with 10-year-old Karen Kimani

Temperature extremes, plus ecological marginalization, raise species risk: Studies

Carbon markets entice, but confuse, corporations: Report

The EU banned Russian wood pellet imports; South Korea took them all

For threatened seabirds of NE Atlantic, climate change piles on the pressure

Biodiversity, human rights safeguards crucial to nature-based solutions: Critics

Extreme heat takes a toll on tropical countries’ economies

Protecting canids from planet-wide threats offers ecological opportunities

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The Netherlands to stop paying subsidies to ‘untruthful’ biomass firms

Tobacco: Vaping and smoking drive environmental harm from farm to fingertip

Australia rejects forest biomass in first blow to wood pellet industry

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