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Amazon at risk: Brazil plans rapid road and rail infrastructure expansion

Bolsonaro acts; Brazil’s socio-environmental groups resist

Brazil’s indigenous agency acts to protect isolated Kawahiva people

Bolsonaro hands over indigenous land demarcation to agriculture ministry

Brazil: Bolsonaro supporter works to imprison Dorothy Stang’s successor

Bolsonaro shapes administration: Amazon, indigenous and landless at risk

‘Amazon Besieged’: Q&A with Mongabay contributor Sue Branford about new book

Amazon indigenous groups and truckers ally to oppose Brazil’s Grainrail

Top U.S. flooring retailer linked to Brazilian firm snagged in timber bust

Tax havens and Brazilian Amazon deforestation linked: study

Purus-Madeira: the Amazon arc of deforestation marches north

Bolsonaro pledges government shakeup, deregulation, Amazon development

Violence spikes during Brazil elections, rural minorities fear worse

Jair Bolsonaro: looming threat to the Amazon and global climate?

Fate of the Amazon is on the ballot in Brazil’s presidential election (commentary)

Landless movement leader assassinated in Brazilian Amazon

Amazonia and the setbacks of Brazil’s political moment (commentary)

Fire fundamentally alters carbon dynamics in the Amazon

8,100-square-mile indigenous reserve recognized in Brazilian Amazon

Pasture expansion driving deforestation in Brazilian protected area

Purus-Madeira: journey to the Amazon’s newest deforestation frontier

‘Predatory agribusiness’ likely to gain more power in Brazil election: report

Brazil hits emissions target early, but rising deforestation risks reversal

Fake logging permits undermine Amazonian conservation, say experts

Death foretold? A courageous Amazon peasant couple resists illegal loggers

Temer’s deforestation policies put Paris goals at risk, scientists warn

Brazil’s political storm driving Amazon deforestation higher

US/China trade war could boost Brazil soy export, Amazon deforestation

Illegal loggers ‘cook the books’ to harvest Amazon’s most valuable tree

Brazil has the tools to end Amazon deforestation now: report

Tambopata: Where forest conservation and opportunity meet

Brazil’s actual forest-related CO2 emissions could blow by Paris pledge

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