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From exporting coral to restoring reefs, a Madagascar startup rethinks business

Madagascar group aims to protect wildlife from stray cats & dogs

Villagers turn to charcoal made from bamboo to save a protected forest in Madagascar

Fire imperils Madagascar’s baobabs: Q&A with park director Diamondra Andriambololona

Extreme reforestation: Baobab planters confront fires, loggers, cattle and more

Madagascar bush fires prompt exasperated NGO to curtail tree planting

Can a luxury chocolate company help a Congolese forest?

In Madagascar, a tree-planting business goes long on social, short on eco

A tale of successes and new challenges in Senegal: Q&A with ICCA coordinator Salatou Sambou

In Madagascar, beekeepers persist in the face of fires and forest loss

In Madagascar, cultural taboos can protect or harm the environment

Madagascar: Young farmers adopt new methods to help lemurs, forests and themselves

Madagascar introduces stoves that burn rice husks instead of forests

In Madagascar’s capital, pollution threatens an oasis for birds

Madagascar launches massive planting drive, eyes 60 million trees

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