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Brazil’s mammals help humanity, but those services are at risk, study says

To understand how animals roam, look at human movements, study says

New guidebook draws on real-world experiences for running private nature reserves

Track-a-mole: Sniffer dog and eDNA help ‘rediscover’ South African golden mole

Jane Goodall and Dax Dasilva partner with Amazon Indigenous youth for new Roots & Shoots program

Last of the reef netters: An Indigenous, sustainable salmon fishery

Forests hold massive carbon storage potential — if we cut emissions

Deforestation continues in Kenya’s largest water capturing forest, satellites show

Sound recordings and AI tell us if forests are recovering, new study from Ecuador shows

Gone before we know them? Kew’s ‘State of the World’s Plants and Fungi’ report warns of extinctions

New electric-blue tarantula species is first found in Thailand mangroves

Restoring degraded forests may be key for climate, study says

Frogs in the pot: Two in five amphibian species at risk amid climate crisis

Ken Burns discusses heartbreak & hope of ‘The American Buffalo,’ his new documentary

‘Lost’ Brazilian holly tree species found again after nearly 200 years

Can agroforestry chocolate help save the world’s most endangered rainforest?

Study: Tricky balancing act between EV scale-up and mining battery metals

It had to be a snake: New species from Peru named after Harrison Ford

What drives and halts tropical deforestation? Analyzing 24 years of data

Kordofan giraffes face local extinction in 15 years if poaching continues

Youth wins climate case against U.S. state of Montana in first-of-its-kind legal ruling

AI unlocks secrets of Amazon river dolphins’ behavior, no tagging required

Study: More than 900 at-risk species lack international trade protections

Should species be named after people? It’s up for debate.

Popular aquarium fish from Thailand and Myanmar is new-to-science species

Rattlesnakes can calm down their friends, study shows

Fishing, dams and dredging close in on Peru’s river dolphins, study shows

Birds and bats help Peruvian cacao farmers gain higher yields, study says

Orangutan ‘beatboxing’ offers clues about human language, study says

Microbes play leading role in soil carbon capture, study shows

To meet U.N. climate, biodiversity goals, 79% of plant cover must be saved, study

Mycorrhizal fungi hold CO2 equivalent to a third of global fossil fuel emissions

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