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Romi Castagnino is a Conservation Biologist and photographer. Follow her on Twitter at @romi_castagnino

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The resistance of Peruvian coffee

Peruvian Supreme Court acquits Máxima Acuña in case brought by mining company Yanacocha

A foreseen environmental disaster in Colombia?

Cattle ranching threatens core of Biosphere Reserve of Southeast Nicaragua

Shuar people ask for their president’s freedom amid mining dispute

Cattle ranching devours Nicaragua’s Bosawás Biosphere Reserve

In Ecuador, progress stalls on mining dispute between government and indigenous Shuar people

Court dismisses Ecuadorian government bid to shut down environmental NGO

Conflict erupts between Chinese mining company, government and indigenous communities in Ecuador

What do experts have to say about Latin American wildlife trafficking?

Wildlife for sale: More than 5,000 traffickers arrested this year in Colombia

Wildlife for sale: Jaguars are the new trafficking victims in Bolivia

Wildlife for sale: Is it possible to win the fight in Ecuador?

Wildlife for sale: An illegal activity out of control in Peru?

Wildlife for sale: affected species and trade routes in Peru

Peruvian Melka group palm oil production company withdraws from RSPO

Peru’s Manu National Park declared world’s top biodiversity hotspot

Wildlife traps threaten lives of Peruvian conservationists

Illegal fishing threatens Easter Island’s natural resources

Does the Brazil nut business work in Bolivia?

Gold Rush in Bolivia sparks conflict between miners and the community

Food shortages fueling bear-human conflicts in Bolivian Andes

The salmon crisis in Chile’s Chiloé Island

Hydropower threatens Bolivian indigenous groups and national park

Poisoned lives: five decades of pollution in Chile’s Quintero-Ventanas Bay

Strongest drought in 25 years hits Bolivia

Chile creates largest marine park in Southeast Pacific

Peru’s Goldman Prize winner Máxima Acuña denounces attack

Forests in Colombia fall victim to illegal coca plantations

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