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Samsung under fire for partnership with forest-burning Korindo

Protecting a forest in the land of the Indonesian deer-pig

Why the Suy’uk are fact-checking their Dayak origin myth

Mounting outcry over Indonesian palm oil bill as legislators press on

Inflated quotas for captive-bred wildlife in Indonesia may aid traffickers: report

Abdon Nababan, former head of Indonesia’s indigenous peoples alliance, to run for North Sumatra governor

Indonesia sues Thai energy giant PTT for $2B over 2009 oil spill

Indonesia blocks major artery in haze-causing Mega Rice canal network

Merabu’s efforts to keep the carbon in its trees

Indonesia is running out of places to put rescued animals

Photos: Where once were mangroves, Javan villages struggle to beat back the sea

2 new reptiles discovered in Sumatra

Papua governor takes birds-of-paradise off the market

Restoration of shattered coral reef at Raja Ampat on hold

Mangrove loss threatens migratory shorebird route in North Sumatra

Lobby groups drop lawsuit against Indonesian environment law

Papuan clan leader laments influx of migrants to sacred Cyclops Mountains

‘Give us back our land’: paper giants struggle to resolve conflicts with communities in Sumatra

Indonesia’s plantation lobby challenges environmental law

Fire a rising threat to Sulawesi’s black macaques

Pressure builds on palm oil firm Goodhope after RSPO sanction

Indonesian governor asks president to let timber firms drain peat in his province

Wilmar appeals RSPO ruling that it grabbed indigenous lands in Sumatra

Palm oil firm pledges to stop deforesting after RSPO freezes its operations in Papua

RSPO freezes palm oil company’s operations in Papua

Scientists mull risks of freeing rare albino orangutan in Borneo

Balinese rituals fuel spike in trafficking of endangered sea turtles

A return to mixed roots in a Sumatran forest

Mapping indigenous lands in Indonesia’s tallest mountains

Indonesian tiger smugglers escape with light sentences in Sumatra

North Sumatra mining chief caught taking bribe in Indonesia

RSPO accused of letting palm oil firm proceed with dodgy audits in Papua

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