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Puma or cougar? Candid Animal Cam Ep 5 takes you to the Americas to meet this wild cat

  • Every Tuesday, Mongabay brings you a new episode of Candid Animal Cam, our show featuring animals caught on camera traps around the world and hosted by Romi Castagnino, our writer and conservation scientist.
Camera traps bring you closer to the secretive natural world and are an important conservation tool to study wildlife. This week we’re meeting the animal that has the world record for the most names for an animal with 80 different ones: the puma.

The pumas (Puma concolor) are large cats but they are not classified as ‘big cats’. Instead, they are the biggest of the smallest cats. They have the largest range of any native land mammal in the western hemisphere living all the way from Canada to Chile. Also, they are extremely adaptable and able to live in almost every type of habitat, from forests to deserts. Watch the video to learn more about pumas and it’s six different subspecies found across the Americas!

Special thanks to the San Miguelito Jaguar Conservation Ranch, WWF-Peru and Sean M. McHugh for sharing this footage with us.

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Romi Castagnino is Mongabay’s bilingual writer. Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @romi_Castagnino

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