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New Zealand implements ‘green timber’ policy

New Zealand implements “green timber” policy

New Zealand implements “green timber” policy
December 19, 2006

New Zealand’s government will only buy timber and wood products only from legally and sustainably managed forests according to a new policy paper put out Monday by the minstry of forestry.

The paper says that illegal logging — especially in the Asia-Pacific region — is hurting New Zealand’s timber insutry, costing it billions of dollars.

“Illegal logging… has attracted increasing international attention over the last ten years and is now a key area of dialogue in international forestry and environmental forums,” said Forestry Minister Jim Anderton in a statement. “There is widespread concern about its linkages to ineffective governance, social conflict, violence and its negative impacts on forest ecosystems and biodiversity. Illegal logging is also a significant economic and trade issue.”

The paper said illegal forestry practices depress world timber prices on average by 7% to 16% and that illegal logging in the Asia-Pacific region amounts to 45% of the recorded total production per year.

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