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Report links H&M and Zara to major environmental damage in biodiverse Cerrado

The environmental mismanagement of enduring oil industry impacts in the Pan Amazon

Protected areas bear the brunt as forest loss continues across Cambodia

Haunting song pays tribute to Toughie, the frog whose extinction went unnoticed

Brazil’s cattle industry could suffer major losses without climate policies, report says

Illegal mining in the Pan Amazon: an ecological disaster for floodplains and local communities

Mining in the Pan Amazon in pursuit of the world’s most precious metal

Tropical forest loss puts 2030 zero-deforestation target further out of reach

Previously logged forests struggle to thrive, even with restoration, study finds

Report links pulpwood estate clearing Bornean orangutan habitat to RGE Group

PalmWatch platform pushes for farm-to-fork traceability of palm oil

Deforestation from soy shows no sign of stopping in Cerrado, report says

Suriname cancels controversial Mennonite pilot program, but bigger problems loom

Chocó land deal shows flaws in Ecuador’s forestry incentive program

Palm oil deforestation persists in Indonesia’s Leuser amid new mills, plantations

Norway pension fund breaks with U.K. conglomerate Jardines over endangered orangutan habitat

Ten years since anti-deforestation pledge, corporate world still not doing enough

Major meatpackers are unlawfully deforesting Brazil’s Cerrado, report says

Scientists now know how the Brumadinho dam disaster happened, and the lessons to learn

In Cambodia, an official’s cashew factory churns out timber from a protected forest

Road project promising access to Indigenous Waorani is ushering in deforestation

Palm oil deforestation makes comeback in Indonesia after decade-long slump

Ecuador government weighs delaying closure of controversial ITT oil block

Report shows Peru failed to stop Amazon deforestation for palm oil and cacao

Harmful mining continues in Nicaragua despite U.S. sanctions, new investigation shows

Bid to mitigate gold mine’s impact on orangutans hit by stonewalling, data secrecy

Ecuador-China free trade agreement poses serious environmental risks, critics say

In Mexico, Xalapa’s chronic water scarcity reflects a deepening national crisis

Sanctioned timber baron wins new mining concessions in Cambodia’s Prey Lang

Outcry over deforestation as Suriname’s agriculture plans come to light

Thousands of tree species at risk of extinction in Atlantic Forest: study

U.S. mining companies leave lasting trail of contamination across Peru

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