Endangered species News

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Shrimp farms threaten Mexico’s mangroves and the jaguars that inhabit them

In Peru, conservationists and archaeologists unite to save a threatened gecko

Frog ‘saunas’ may help threatened frogs fight off deadly fungus

Global migratory freshwater fish populations plummet by 81%: Report

Across Mexico, World Cup infrastructure threatens biodiversity and communities

Elon Musk could avert global species extinction with only a portion of his wealth

Peru puts endemic fog oasis under protection

Conservationists upbeat as zebra shark reintroduction in Raja Ampat gathers pace

Experts aim to protect one of Brazil’s giant emblematic tree species

Rewilding efforts throw a lifeline to Brazil’s most trafficked endangered bird

Otter-preneurs: Female sea otters lead the way in tool use for survival

Women weave a culture of resistance and agroecology in Ecuador’s Intag Valley

Rewilding program ships eggs around the world to restore Raja Ampat zebra sharks

How to ‘stop mining before it starts’: Interview with community organizer Carlos Zorrilla

Cambodian official acquitted in trial that exposed monkey-laundering scheme

Nepal’s release of endangered crocs into historical habitat raises concerns

‘Mind-blowing’ new orchid species found in Madagascar forest canopy

Ancient giant river dolphin species found in the Peruvian Amazon

Palm oil deforestation persists in Indonesia’s Leuser amid new mills, plantations

Norway pension fund breaks with U.K. conglomerate Jardines over endangered orangutan habitat

Indonesian gold mine expanding in ‘wrong direction’ into orangutan habitat

Rehabilitation of Guatemalan fauna highlights opacity of illegal wildlife trade

Impunity for Cambodia’s exotic pet owners as trade outpaces legislation

Biological field stations deliver high return on investment for conservation, study finds

New giant anaconda species found on Waorani Indigenous land in Ecuador

We’re losing species faster than we can find them, study shows

Colombia adds hundreds of species to list of threatened flora and fauna

In Cambodia, an official’s cashew factory churns out timber from a protected forest

Concern for Mexico’s vaquita as totoaba swim bladder trafficking surges online

Bid to mitigate gold mine’s impact on orangutans hit by stonewalling, data secrecy

Cambodia sea turtle nests spark hope amid coastal development & species decline

Brazil’s mammals help humanity, but those services are at risk, study says

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