Latin American Wildlife Trade News

In Mexico City’s urban sprawl, an unexpected illegal logging network thrives

Is Chinese investment driving a sharp increase in jaguar poaching?

Exit the dragons: Mexico tackles trafficking of endangered lizards

Progress on jaguar conservation in Suriname

Jaguar numbers rising at field sites, WCS says

Fang trafficking to China is putting Bolivia’s jaguars in jeopardy

Bolivia’s domestic parrot trade supplied by birds seen as “crop pests”

Bellavista no more: Peru’s infamous wildlife market reduced to rubble

200,000 of Peru’s primates trafficked for pet trade or bushmeat yearly

Organized crime role in Latin American wildlife trade hidden in shadow

U.S. a major destination for trafficked Latin American wildlife

Poaching upsurge threatens South America’s iconic vicuña

Eden Besieged: Amazonia’s Matchless Wildlife Pillaged by Traffickers

Latin American wildlife trafficking takes to the air

Journey to oblivion: unraveling Latin America’s illegal wildlife trade

El Salvador serves as bridge for export of trafficked Nicaraguan birds

Galapagos “gold rush” feeds global hunger for shark fins, sea cucumbers

Latin American illegal wildlife trade exploding in scope and scale

Oil roads to ecological ruin: Ecuador’s bushmeat and wildlife trade

São Paolo Trafficking: Smuggling Brazil’s Wildlife

Trafficked tropical animals: the ghost exports of Venezuela

Policing domestic wildlife trafficking in Peru

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