Illegal Wildlife Trade News

Madagascar lemurs, tortoises seized in Thai bust reveal reach of wildlife trafficking

Undercover in a shark fin trafficking ring: Interview with wildlife crime fighter Andrea Crosta

On foot and by drone, radio tracking helps rehabilitate pangolins in Vietnam

Impunity for Cambodia’s exotic pet owners as trade outpaces legislation

Elite appetite turns Bangladesh from source to consumer of tiger parts

Crime analysis sheds light on tiger poaching in Malaysia

In biodiverse Nepal, wildlife crime fighters are underpowered but undeterred

Study: Wild meat trade from Africa into Belgium a health and conservation risk

When it rains, it pours: Bangladesh wildlife trade booms during monsoon

A Southeast Asian marine biodiversity hotspot is also a wildlife trafficking hotbed

Survival and economics complicate the DRC’s bushmeat and wild animal trade

Landmark Nepal court ruling ends impunity for wealthy wildlife collectors

Snares don’t discriminate: A problem for wild cats, both big and small

SE Asia’s COVID legacy is less wildlife trade, but more hunting, study finds

Study: Online trade in arachnids threatens some species with extinction

Thai government turns its sights on illegal coral trade

Rare case of rhino poaching jolts conservation community in Nepal

‘Sustainable livelihoods go a long way’: Q&A with pangolin expert Tulshi Suwal

Illegal orchid trade threatens Nepal’s ‘tigers of the plant world’

Shark-fishing gear banned across much of Pacific in conservation ‘win’

How Mitsubishi vacuumed up tuna from a rogue Chinese fishing fleet

‘There are solutions to these abuses’: Q&A with Steve Trent on how China can rein in illegal fishing

Exclusive: Shark finning rampant across Chinese tuna firm’s fleet

Survey finds thriving online market for Indonesian birds in Philippines

A fast-growing pipeline: The Amazon-to-Southeast Asia wildlife trade

Poaching surges in the birthplace of white rhino conservation

Thai zoos come under scrutiny again as tourism rebounds from COVID-19

Trafficked: Kidnapped chimps, jailed rhino horn traffickers, and seized donkey parts

As poachers poison wildlife, Zimbabwe finds an antidote in tougher laws

Study shines light, and raises alarm, over online trade of West African birds

Cash-strapped Zimbabwe pushes to be allowed to sell its ivory stockpile

Year of the Tiger: Illegal trade thrives amid efforts to save wild tigers

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