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Nature conservation influencers is a series of interviews conducted by Mongabay Founder and CEO, Rhett Ayers Butler, with leading conservation thinkers, funders, and practitioners.

Using immersive media to strengthen support for the environment: An interview with Wendy Schmidt

Beyond the myths: Anthropologist Alison Richard on Madagascar’s environmental realities and future

‘We must never assume that a healthy planet is automatic’ says WCS’s new CEO Monica Medina

We need to show that planetary wins are possible, says Dax Dasilva

Accelerating biodiversity-positive impact: A conversation with Silverstrand Capital’s Kelvin Chiu

‘Birds are messengers’: Q&A with BirdLife’s Patricia Zurita

Journeying in biocultural diversity and conservation philanthropy: Q&A with Ken Wilson

Ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin: Indigenous knowledge serves as a ‘connective tissue’ between nature and human well-being

Climate efforts won’t succeed without secure community rights, says Nonette Royo

‘Collaboration is key’ to address big environmental challenges, says Daniel Katz

Achieving a ‘nature positive future’: an interview with Cristián Samper

Supporting more holistic approaches to conservation: an interview with Kai Carter

Conservation will only scale when non-conservationists see its value, says James Deutsch

For some Indigenous, COVID presents possibility of cultural extinction, says Myrna Cunningham

Small cats should be a conservation priority, says Panthera’s new board chair Jonathan Ayers

Fomenting a “Perfect Storm” to push companies to change: Q&A with Glenn Hurowitz

There is no climate solution without China and America, says Li Shuo

Building the Campaign for Nature: Q&A with Brian O’Donnell

Conservation needs more women, says Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak

It’s time to scrutinize who’s in the room when conservation decisions are made, says Laly Lichtenfeld

Protecting Colombia’s shark paradise: Q&A with Sandra Bessudo

‘I never give up’: Q&A with Chinese environmental lawyer Jingjing Zhang

The Nature Conservancy’s Jennifer Morris is an ‘impatient optimist’

We need more rewilding and connections to nature, says Enrique Ortiz

Nature is no longer “a nice to have,” it’s “a must-have”: Q&A with André Hoffmann

Momentum is building for a ‘robust’ biodiversity framework: Q&A with Elizabeth Mrema

Recognizing the true guardians of the forest: Q&A with David Kaimowitz

‘We’re at a tipping point with coal’: Q&A with Bloomberg’s Antha Williams

Civil society’s push to advance conservation in China: Q&A with Jinfeng Zhou

“Activism gives you hope”: Q&A with Wallace Global Fund’s Ellen Dorsey

Helping Papuans protect Indonesia’s last frontier: Q&A with Bustar Maitar

Melina Laboucan-Massimo: Catalyzing an Indigenous-led just energy transition

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