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Indigenous women in Colombia protect rich Amazonian wetland from overfishing

Bringing the ocean’s vast ‘awesomeness’ to light: Q&A with Farah Obaidullah

When a red snapper is more than just a fish: Q&A fisheries scientist Elle Wibisono

Indigenous Comcaac serve up an oceanic grain to preserve seagrass meadows

Conservationists should all be feminists (commentary)

Brazilian Indigenous anthropologists turn the tables from ‘objects of study’ to active voices

Photos: Newcomer farmers in Brazil embrace bees, agroforestry and find success

EU’s anti-deforestation trade rule should be more women-friendly (commentary)

‘We’ve got to help the oceans to help us’: Q&A with deep-sea explorer Dawn Wright

For women on Bangladesh’s coast, rising seas pose a reproductive health dilemma

Return to agroforestry empowers women in Nepal

Dig, dump, repeat, then watch the forest grow: Q&A with mangrove restorer Keila Vazquez

Funding for women-led conservation remains tiny, but that’s changing fast

‘Small-scale fishers have a Ph.D. in the ocean’: Q&A with Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy

‘Rural women in Zimbabwe are in constant contact with climate change’: Q&A with Shamiso Mupara

Indonesia’s Womangrove collective reclaims the coast from shrimp farms

Josefina Tunki: ‘If we have to die in defense of the land, we have to die’

‘We scientists engage in soft diplomacy’: Q&A with Christine Wilkinson

In Colombia, threatened women of the Wayuú community continue to fight rampant mining

Uganda’s ‘Dr. Gladys’ honored by U.N. for work linking conservation and health

Boosting human and machine expertise with conservation tech: Q&A with Sara Beery

Betty Rubio, the tech-savvy Kichwa leader defending threatened territory

‘Superstitious belief kills pangolins’: Q&A with biologist Elisa Panjang

‘To change policies, insert yourself in them’: Q&A with biologist Liliana Dávalos

Empowering Indigenous youths with tradition and tech: Q&A with Dawn Martin-Hill

Women on storm-hit Philippine island lead Indigenous effort to restore mangroves

A gendered approach to the illegal wildlife trade could engender an anti-trafficking revolution (commentary)

Conservation needs more women, says Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak

The women on the front lines of safeguarding the Amazon

It’s time to scrutinize who’s in the room when conservation decisions are made, says Laly Lichtenfeld

Reckoning with elitism and racism in conservation: Q&A with Colleen Begg

The Nature Conservancy’s Jennifer Morris is an ‘impatient optimist’

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