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Loss of water means loss of culture for Mexico’s Indigenous Yaqui

Study to benchmark water quality finds key Amazon tributary in good shape

Cambodia’s Funan Techo Canal project: A catalog of worries (analysis)

As drought parches Mexico, a Yaqui water defender fights for a sacred river

Global migratory freshwater fish populations plummet by 81%: Report

Activists blame policy failures over climate change for Nepal Terai’s water crisis

‘Water grabs’ pose big threat to farmers amid water crises

Photos: Exploring Mexico City’s Aztec-era farms, the chinampas

Ancient farming system and campesino livelihoods at risk in Mexico City

Water is key as study shows restoration of drained tropical peat is possible

An ancestral solution ensures water for Peruvian alpaca farmers, but is it enough?

In a village divided, farmers stall massive copper mine in Colombian Andes

Yucatán Peninsula’s hidden underground life tracks changes at the surface

In Brazil’s Cerrado, aquifers are losing more water than they can replace

Will the Mekong and Salween pay the price of China’s energy transition?

Beyond deforestation, oil palm estates pose flood and water contamination risks

Banks backing Mekong hydropower failing on due diligence, report reveals

An ancient Indigenous lagoon system brings water back to a dry town in Ecuador

Indigenous communities along Argentina’s Río Chubut mobilize to conserve waterway

Rainwater reserves a tenuous lifeline for Sumatran community amid punishing dry season

Beneath the surface, a toxic tide threatens Bangladesh’s water lifeline

Global cobalt rush drives toxic toll near DRC mines

Critics fear catastrophic energy crisis as AI is outsourced to Latin America

Irrawaddy dolphin death in Thailand’s Songkhla Lake underscores conservation needs

Rising temperatures threaten the tiny animals responsible for groundwater quality

Brazilian youngsters discuss how they are tackling the climate emergency

Pollution poses big risks to global clean water supplies, study shows

Fears of marine disaster loom after fertilizer-laden ship sinks in Red Sea

Gharial conservation plan leaves Nepal fishing communities searching for new jobs

Locals at the mouth of the Amazon River get a salty taste of climate change

Controversy brews over proposed dam on Kathmandu’s Bagmati River

Hydropower in doubt as climate impacts Mekong Basin water availability

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