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Panama’s ‘Caribbean Corridor’ highway threatens three protected areas, critics say

Environmental defenders paid the price during Panama’s historic mining protests – report

What’s at stake for the environment in Panama’s upcoming election?

Panama delays promised relocation of sinking island community

Haunting song pays tribute to Toughie, the frog whose extinction went unnoticed

False claims of U.N. backing see Indigenous groups cede forest rights for sketchy finance

Photos: Top species discoveries from 2023

No animals harmed as wildlife specimen collection goes digital in 3D

Panama copper mine to close after Supreme Court rules concession unconstitutional

Panama protests to protect ecosystems and canal against pending mining deal

In Panama, an Indigenous kingdom fights for its right to the forest

Panama ocean conference draws $20 billion, marine biodiversity commitments

Newly described DiCaprio’s snake and others threatened by mining in Ecuador and Panama

Top 15 species discoveries from 2022 (Photos)

New protections for sharks, songbirds, frogs and more at CITES trade summit

Panama restricts information on sanctioned boats, evading transparency

Panama: A ‘flag of convenience’ for illegal fishing and lack of control at sea

Between six ferns: New tropical fern species described by science

Drastic declines in Neotropical birds in a protected Panamanian forest

As animal seed dispersers go the way of the dodo, forest plants are at risk

Podcast: Afield at last, researchers head out for a new season

Researchers turn to drones for that big-picture view of the forest canopy

From teak farms to agroforestry: Panama tests reforestation strategies

In Panama, a tiny rainfrog named after Greta Thunberg endures

Some hummingbird females display male coloring to avoid being harassed

Young forests can help heal tropical aquatic ecosystems: Study

New protections announced for Galápagos Islands and beyond at COP26

Some guitar makers in pursuit of sustainable manufacturing

Rare black jaguars caught on camera in Panama

Indigenous community wins recognition of its land rights in Panama

Hotter tropics may worsen climate change, reforestation could lessen it: Studies

Birthday party on ship may have led to oil spill in Mauritius, Panama regulator says

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