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Indonesia’s biofuel push must go beyond palm oil to reduce risk, experts say

Indonesia prosecutors decry ‘lenient’ sentences in palm oil corruption case

For Indonesian smallholders, EU deforestation rule is a threat — and an opportunity

From declining deforestation to quitting coal, Indonesia marks a pivotal 2022

What happened in the world’s rainforests in 2022?

Video: In Brazil’s Amazon, Quilombolas fight major palm oil firm for access to cemeteries

As dry season looms, Sumatra villagers hope their peat restoration pays off

Video: Stolen Quilombola cemeteries in the Amazon, and the probe that revealed it all

Major Brazil palm oil exporter accused of fraud, land-grabbing over Quilombola cemeteries

‘Amazing first step’ as EU law cracks down on deforestation-linked imports

Peru is tackling water scarcity with nature-based solutions, leading the way in Latin America

Report calls on palm oil firms to make up for nearly 1m hectares of forest loss

What can Half or Whole Earth conservation strategies do for orangutans?

Indonesia’s orangutans declining amid ‘lax’ and ‘laissez-faire’ law enforcement

Following the impacts of palm oil alliance: Violated regulations and penalty proceedings

Tensions boil in Sumatra over a palm oil promise villagers say has yet to be kept

Sustainability pledges help Indonesia produce palm oil with less deforestation

In Brazil, a heavily fined firm is also accused of waging a ‘palm oil war’ on communities

Mongabay probe key as Brazil court rules on palm oil pesticide contamination

Malaysia revokes oil palm concession near UNESCO-listed Bornean park

Labor groups seek to build on Indonesian palm oil court win in new cases

Palm oil firms not acting fast enough on no-deforestation vows: Report

Indonesia amnesties 75 companies operating illegally inside forest areas

As a Cameroon palm oil firm gets RSPO certified, it’s also found in breach

Human pressures strain Lake Tanganyika’s biodiversity and water quality

Trial of palm oil tycoon Surya Darmadi begins in Jakarta

Encircled by plantations, a Sumatran Indigenous community abides changing times

Nearness to roads and palm oil mills a key factor in peatland clearing by smallholders

Delectable but destructive: Tracing chocolate’s environmental life cycle

No permit? No problem for palm oil company still clearing forest in Papua

Palm oil producer mired in legal troubles still razing Sumatran forest

Plantations threaten Indonesia’s orangutans, but they’re not oil palm

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