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Deforestation in Earth’s largest rainforest continues to plummet despite a rise in fires

Despite drought, Amazon deforestation alerts hit five-year low

Deforestation alerts in the Brazilian Amazon fall to a 5-year low

Fires surge in the Amazon, but deforestation continues to fall

Deforestation falls for 8th straight month in the Amazon rainforest, but rises in the cerrado

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon falls 22% in 2023

Despite severe drought, Amazon deforestation continues to slow

Six months into Lula’s presidency, Amazon deforestation is dropping rapidly

Gordon Moore, tech legend and conservation philanthropist, has died at 94

Deforestation accelerated in Brazil while climate talks were underway in Egypt

Despite 11% drop in 2022, Amazon deforestation rate has soared under Bolsonaro

In final days before Bolsonaro’s defeat, deforestation boomed in Brazil

Ahead of election, deforestation increased in Brazil

Indepedent watchdog confirms rampant deforestation in the Amazon

Amazon deforestation on pace to roughly match last year’s rate of loss

Amazon deforestation is off to the fastest start to a year since 2008

WCS CEO to depart conservation group for the Bezos Earth Fund

Amazon deforestation surges in April

Amazon deforestation dips slightly in March, but remains high

Amazon deforestation starts 2022 on the fastest pace in 14 years

Amazon deforestation unexpectedly surges 22% to highest level since 2006

Brazil reports increase in Amazon logging

Facebook to block illegal sales of protected Amazon rainforest lands

African Parks secures $100M for conservation in Africa

US, UK join Norway and Germany in effort to protect Peru’s rainforests

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