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Kew Gardens joins local partners to save tropical plants from extinction

No croak: New silent frog species described from Tanzania’s ‘sky island’ forests

Forests & finance: Setbacks for a rare bat, and progress for an oil pipeline

‘Grumpiest cat’ leaves its calling card on the world’s highest mountain

Top 15 species discoveries from 2022 (Photos)

Of Yetis and extinct turtles: Top wildlife discoveries in Nepal in 2022

‘Bizarre’ newly classified scorpionfly shines light on Nepal’s insect diversity

Here come the sunbirds: New species from Indonesia’s Wakatobi Islands

‘A mollusk is as important as a tiger’: Q&A with Prem Bahadur Budha

Toxic new frog species from Ecuador named after Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane

Catfished: New species described from DRC after mistaken identity

Enigmatic binturong photographed in Nepal for the first time

Eight new-to-science geckos described from biodiversity haven Madagascar

Tiny new tree frog species found in rewilded Costa Rican nature reserve

An elusive lizard thought to live only in India makes an appearance in Nepal

In Japanese waters, a newly described anemone lives on the back of a hermit crab

Giant kangaroo fossil points to previously unknown species in New Guinea

Between six ferns: New tropical fern species described by science

Authorities and Yobin communities clash as deforestation spikes in Indian national park

Sighting of an American black vulture in Nepal causes a flutter

Colorful new corals bedeck the busy waters off Hong Kong, study shows

Indigenous knowledge settles question of a Bornean tree species: Study

Chinese pond heron spotted in Nepal for first time

Of rats and bats: Hundreds of mammal species still unidentified, study says

Spectacular new fish species is first to be named by Maldivian scientist

‘Prospect of existence’: Nameless grasshopper sparks taxonomic debate

Chocolate frog? New burrowing frog species unearthed in Amazon’s rare peatlands

One fish, two fish: New goby species described from the Philippines

In Panama, a tiny rainfrog named after Greta Thunberg endures

Not your ordinary houseplant: World’s tallest begonia found in Tibet

New shrews just dropped: Sulawesi yields up 14 freshly described species

Top 15 species discoveries from 2021 (Photos)

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