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Wild or not? Dilemma over two human-friendly rhinos in Nepal

Amid government inaction, Indonesia’s rhinos head toward extinction (analysis)

Small wildcats pose big challenges, but coexistence is very much possible

‘Small mammals play a big role’: Q&A with Nepali researcher Dibya Raj Dahal

Sweet solution: Armadillo-friendly honey helps Brazil beekeepers, giant armadillos

Drones improve counts of rare Cao-vit gibbon, identify conservation priorities

‘We will decide their future’: Q&A with “pro-bear” environmental journalist Gloria Dickie

Poverty-fueled deforestation of Nigerian reserve slashes hope for rare chimps

The biologist working to save Peru’s yellow-tailed monkey: Q&A with Fanny Cornejo

Fishing, dams and dredging close in on Peru’s river dolphins, study shows

Meet the kipunji: A rare primate success story in Tanzania

Effort to save rare Colombian monkey looks to crowdfund its conservation

Nepal’s rhinos are eating plastic waste, study finds

The ‘Sloth Lady of Suriname’: Q&A with Monique Pool

Tigers cross borders but struggle to move safely within Nepal, study suggests

Orangutan ‘beatboxing’ offers clues about human language, study says

When “cute” is cruel: Social media videos stoke loris pet trade, study says

Why did the orangutan cross the toll road to Indonesia’s new capital city?

Return of the lions: Large protected areas in Africa attract apex predator

In Chile, a wildlife rehab center deals with the aftermath of worsening fires

Wild pigs threaten biodiversity hotspots across South America, study shows

Sumatra’s young primate whisperer brings bullhorn to macaque conservation

‘Shocking’ levels of pangolin deaths from electric fences (commentary)

U.S. says Mexico failed to uphold international treaty protecting vaquita porpoise

Survival and economics complicate the DRC’s bushmeat and wild animal trade

Study: Snares claim another local extinction as Cambodia loses its leopards

Flooding for hydropower dams hits forest-reliant bats hard, study shows

Mating game: Survival of some small wildcats at risk due to housecat hybrids

Study shows Kenyan elephant shrew may be adapting to human disturbance, drought

Low-key return for rescued rhino calves to Nepal’s Chitwan National Park

‘Anthill tiger’: Putting one of Africa’s rarest wildcats on the radar

‘I’m not distressed, I’m just pissed off’: Q&A with Sumatran rhino expert John Payne

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