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The Pan Borneo Highway brings wildlife threats to nat’l park doorstep

Connecting an island: Traveling the Pan Borneo Highway

Logging road construction has surged in the Congo Basin since 2003

Cambodia’s fragile Prey Lang forest remains under threat

Solomon Islands province bans logging in bid to protect environment

Guyana deforestation rate hits 7-year low, officials say

‘High risk’ that China’s timber from PNG is illegal: New report

Extractive industries threaten a million square kilometers of intact tropical forests around the globe

Logging roads drive loss of intact forest in FSC-certified logging concessions

Company outed for fires in Indonesian palm lease still clearing forests in timber concession, NGO finds

Sarawak’s Penan now have detailed maps of their ancestral homeland

Why intact forests are important

New study: Risky roads cause more than just environmental harm

Long plagued by illegal logging, Cambodia faces accusations of corruption

Vietnam pledges to investigate massive illegal logging violations as international pressure grows

93% of world’s roadless areas are less than half the size of Cincinnati

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