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A Guatemalan reserve turns from civil war refuge to deforestation hotspot

Shrimp farms threaten Mexico’s mangroves and the jaguars that inhabit them

In Peru, conservationists and archaeologists unite to save a threatened gecko

Global migratory freshwater fish populations plummet by 81%: Report

‘Explorer elephants’ in transfrontier conservation area offer solution to tree damage

In Brazil, conservationists try to save one of the world’s most endangered cats

Media must help reduce conflict between tigers and people in the Sundarbans (commentary)

Can Vietnam’s forests survive the spread of acacia and eucalyptus plantations? (commentary)

Narco activity takes heavy toll on Colombia’s protected forests, satellite data show

Elusive jaguarundi inspires biologists to share data across Latin America

Small-scale fishers lose out to trawlers in race to catch Cambodia’s last fish

Mysterious, at risk, understudied flat-headed cat lacks conservation focus

On World Otter Day, an uphill struggle for these creatures in Nepal

Saving Asia’s fishing cat means protecting threatened wetland habitat

Borneo and Sumatra megaprojects are carving up clouded leopard forests

New calf, same threats: Javan rhinos continue to reproduce despite perils

Indonesian capital project finally gets guidelines to avoid harm to biodiversity

On the trail of Borneo’s bay cat, one of the world’s most mysterious felines

Tapirs in Brazil’s Cerrado inspire research on human health & pesticides

Analysis of largest elephant surveys ever shows stable population, but disturbing trends

A tiger cat gains new species designation, but conservation challenges remain

Spotted softshell turtle release boosts reptile conservation in Vietnam

‘The Javan tiger still exists’: DNA find may herald an extinct species’ comeback

Cambodian official acquitted in trial that exposed monkey-laundering scheme

Study identifies species with a long history but short future amid threats

Smaller population estimate underscores urgency of saving Cao-vit gibbon

Comeback on the cards for Asian antelope declared extinct in Bangladesh

New ecoregion proposed for Southern Africa’s threatened ‘sky islands’

Studies still uncovering true extent of 2019-20 Australia wildfire catastrophe

For threatened Andean condors, garbage dump offers a buffet of risks & rewards

Bolivia’s El Curichi Las Garzas protected area taken over by land-grabbers

Night light, habitat loss & pesticides threaten Brazil’s bioluminescent insects

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