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Cellphones are still endangering gorillas, but recycling old ones can help

Rapid population drop weakened the Grauer’s gorilla gene pool

‘Conservation never ends’: 40 years in the kingdom of gorillas

For Ugandan villagers, tradition and tourism help keep the peace with gorillas

Plan to ship gorillas from DRC to Zimbabwe raises alarm

Republic of Congo names new national park, home to gorillas, elephants

Can social media save great apes?

Deforestation surges in Virunga National Park in the wake of violence

Audio: How an African bat might help us prevent future Ebola outbreaks

Ape sanctuaries in the DRC brace themselves as Ebola hits the country

World Gorilla Day: good news and grave threats

DRC set to reclassify national parks for oil, open rainforest to logging

Rwandan people and mountain gorillas face changing climate together

East Africa’s mountain gorilla population now numbers more than 1,000

TV host Ellen DeGeneres to visit Rwanda in mountain gorilla conservation effort

More gorillas and chimpanzees living in Central Africa’s forests than thought

Six staff killed in deadliest attack at Congo’s Virunga National Park

Video: Rare newborn western lowland gorilla filmed in the wild

Oil palm, rubber could trigger ‘storm’ of deforestation in the Congo Basin

East Africa’s Albertine Rift needs protection now, scientists say

New study: Gorillas fare better in logged forests than chimps

As Grauer’s gorillas cling to survival, new population found

Big forests, big ag: Are rainforests the right place for industrial agriculture? (commentary)

African great ape bushmeat crisis intensifies; few solutions in sight

Gabon pledges ‘massive’ protected network for oceans

Not out of the woods: Concerns remain with Nigerian superhighway

Going viral: How advancements in Ebola disease detection in wild apes can help to prevent dangerous outbreaks

Cross River superhighway changes course in Nigeria

Women could be a key to great ape conservation in the Congo

Illegal bushmeat trade threatens human health and great apes

Ebo forest great apes threatened by stalled Cameroon national park

Discovering the Congo carbon sink

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