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Sun block: The promise and peril of solar geoengineering

‘Fungibility’ could sink Convention on Biodiversity’s funding mechanism Decision 15/9 (commentary)

Space mission that maps forests in 3D makes an early comeback

Regions with highest risks to wildlife have fewest camera traps, study finds

Let’s reduce poverty & deforestation via greater EUDR traceability requirements (commentary)

As aquaculture hits historic highs, let’s ensure sustainability is prioritized (commentary)

Frog ‘saunas’ may help threatened frogs fight off deadly fungus

Global migratory freshwater fish populations plummet by 81%: Report

It’s the bee’s needs: Study finds best plants for bee health, conservation

‘Trust needs to be rebuilt’: Interview with candidate to head U.N. seabed-mining authority

For the first time ever, we’re farming more seafood than we’re catching: FAO

As the world burns, can we learn to live with wildfire health risks?

The health impacts of escalating megafires are everyone’s problem

The $91 billion wasted on nuclear weapons last year could transform ecosystem restoration (commentary)

As chocolate prices skyrocket from decades of deforestation, adopting agroforestry is key (commentary)

Elon Musk could avert global species extinction with only a portion of his wealth

Environmental protests under attack: Interview with UN special rapporteur Michel Forst

Reimagining insect research: Interview with Roel van Klink and Leandro Nascimento

Mongabay at 25: A Reflection on the Journey and Future

‘Water grabs’ pose big threat to farmers amid water crises

How effective is the EU’s marquee policy to reduce the illegal timber trade?

Using immersive media to strengthen support for the environment: An interview with Wendy Schmidt

Crowdsourcing eDNA for biodiversity monitoring: Interview with Kristy Deiner

Know your salamander: To conserve amphibians, study their intelligence (commentary)

Can iron fertilization of the oceans help solve the climate crisis? (commentary)

Emissions from loss of plant diversity spells massive climate trouble: Study

As Big Tech eyes the carbon market, will it work this time?

Polar warning: Warming temperatures mean more than melted ice

Green credentials of electric vehicles come under fire

Are carbon credits another resource-for-cash grab? Interview with Alondra Cerdes Morales & Samuel Nguiffo

New satellite data documents deforestation across ecosystems worldwide

Twilight zone fishing: Can we fish the ocean’s mesopelagic layer?

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