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British Columbia poised to lose ‘white rhino of old growth forests’

Audio: Conservationists find opportunity and community amidst current crises

Disaster interrupted: How you can help save the insects

Scientists warn U.S. Congress against declaring biomass burning carbon neutral

Arctic permafrost moving toward crisis, abrupt thaw a growing risk: Studies

Pope makes impassioned plea to save the Amazon — will the world listen?

Escalating firestorms could turn Amazon from carbon sink to source: Study

‘The tipping point is here, it is now,’ top Amazon scientists warn

Paris accord ‘impossible to implement’ if tropical forest loss not stopped

COP25: Self-serving G20 spites youth, humanity, world at climate talks

COP25: EU officials say biomass burning policy to come under critical review

COP25: Wood pellet CEO claims biomass carbon neutrality, despite science

COP25: Laura Vargas inspires with power of faith in defense of forests

Hopes dim as COP25 delegates dicker over Article 6 and world burns: critics

COP25 may put climate at greater risk by failing to address forests

Vatican calls landmark meeting to conserve Amazon, protect indigenous peoples

At the UN, losing the race against time to fight climate change

As climate change disrupts the annual monsoon, India must prepare (Commentary)

Interfaith leaders step up to protect the world’s ‘sacred’ rainforests

UN and policymakers, wake up! Burning trees for energy is not carbon neutral (commentary)

Venezuelan crisis: Caring for priceless botanical treasures in a failed state

As climate chaos escalates in Indian Country, feds abandon tribes

Mongabay investigative series helps confirm global insect decline

Carbon to burn: UK net-zero emissions pledge undermined by biomass energy

The Great Insect Dying: How to save insects and ourselves

The Great Insect Dying: The tropics in trouble and some hope

The Great Insect Dying: Vanishing act in Europe and North America

The Great Insect Dying: A global look at a deepening crisis

EU sued to stop burning trees for energy; it’s not carbon neutral: plaintiffs

COP24: Summit a step forward, but fails to address climate urgency

COP24: Will they stay or will they go? Brazil’s threat to leave Paris

COP24: Nations complicit in ignoring bioenergy climate bomb, experts say

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