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Top 10 notable Indigenous stories of 2022

Indonesia to build coal plants despite $20b deal on clean energy transition

Indonesia seals $20 billion deal with G7 to speed up clean energy transition

Endangered species listing of long-tailed macaques: ‘shocking, painful, predictable’ (commentary)

An elusive lizard thought to live only in India makes an appearance in Nepal

Beyond bored apes: Blockchain polarizes wildlife conservation community

Planned coal plants fizzle as Japan ends financing in Indonesia, Bangladesh

Government inaction sees 98% of deforestation alerts go unpunished in Brazil

Indonesia cancels fisheries infrastructure projects in Maluku region amid lack of funds

Lessons from panda conservation could help Asia’s other, overlooked, bears

With record $5.3B in pledges, GEF aims for more flexible environmental funding

Funding, titling project for Indigenous-led organizations launched

Funding for women-led conservation remains tiny, but that’s changing fast

Are conservation trust funds part of the answer for ongoing land protection? (commentary)

Donors must rethink Africa’s flagging Green Revolution, new evaluation shows (commentary)

Moore Foundation pledges extra $300m to boost conservation of Amazon

Indigenous-led report warns against ‘simplistic take on conservation’

‘Great Blue Wall’ aims to ward off looming threats to western Indian Ocean

The Top Positive Environmental News Stories from 2021

Guyanese project to bolster Indigenous land rights draws funding — and flak

Conservation projects in Mesoamerica make the case for Indigenous climate funding

Uganda’s ‘Dr. Gladys’ honored by U.N. for work linking conservation and health

Conflict and climate change are big barriers for Africa’s Great Green Wall

Questions over who gets the billions pledged to Indigenous causes at COP26

Indigenous people get less than 1% of climate funding? It’s actually worse (commentary)

New global partnership aims to remove barriers to Indigenous climate finance

$1.7 billion pledged in support of Indigenous and local communities’ land tenure

Indonesia’s ‘green’ electricity plan undermines its climate vows, activists say

Indigenous leaders to push for land tenure rights as climate solution at COP26

Conservation will only scale when non-conservationists see its value, says James Deutsch

Indonesia still clinging to coal despite phaseout pledge, new plan shows

Conservation needs more women, says Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak

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