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Mortgaging the future: Report details risks of resource-backed loans

BlackRock’s commitment to responsible investing must include human rights (commentary)

Investors drop demands after Tyson Foods commits to no deforestation

Brazil’s Bolsonaro creates Amazon Council and Environmental Police force

The role of sustainable finance in Forest Landscape Restoration (commentary)

South Korea funding coal plants overseas that would be banned at home

Biodiversity ‘not just an environmental issue’: Q&A with IPBES ex-chair Robert Watson

Seeking justice against palm oil firms, victims call out banks behind them

Madagascar: Opaque foreign fisheries deals leave empty nets at home

The unrecognized cost of Indonesia’s fires (commentary)

New UN report takes stock of renewable energy’s decade-long growth spurt

Chinese banks risk supporting soy-related deforestation, report finds

’Green’ bonds finance industrial tree plantations in Brazil

Report finds World Bank’s coal divestment pledge not stringent enough

Investors warn soy giants of backlash over deforestation in South America

Fears of a dire precedent as Brazil seeks results-based REDD+ payment

US senators warn fund managers over palm oil

Asian banks give billions to firms linked to deforestation, study finds

In funding palm oil giants, banks may share in ‘sins of the companies’

Local fishers oppose $2.7 billion deal opening Madagascar to Chinese fishing

Top Madagascar shrimp co. moved millions among tax-haven shell companies

Improving rural credit in Brazil: More production, better environment (commentary)

Indonesia turns to green finance for development projects

Private sector leaders seek to ramp up investment in sustainable landscapes with help of public partners

Indonesian billionaire using ‘shadow companies’ to clear forest for palm oil, report alleges

Nigeria pledges to restore nearly 10 million acres of degraded land

$2 billion investment in forest restoration announced at COP23

CETA: environmentally friendly trade treaty or corporate Trojan horse?

Honduran politicians, US aid implicated in killings of environmentalists

Deforestation-free commodities represent a major investment opportunity: Report

Private capital investments in conservation have taken off since 2013

Innovative tax credit takes aim at deforestation in Peru

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