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How Europe’s only Indigenous group is inspiring a greener Christianity

Let’s reduce poverty & deforestation via greater EUDR traceability requirements (commentary)

In northern Spain, climate change is killing shellfish — and women’s livelihoods

U.K. court to hear lawsuit for victims of Brazilian dam disaster

How effective is the EU’s marquee policy to reduce the illegal timber trade?

With an eye on EU’s new rules, scientists test ways to capture Africa’s forest loss

Bottom trawling in U.K.’s marine reserves, legally, is apparently a thing

To renew or not to renew? African nations reconsider EU fishing deals

Fewer fish and more rules lead to illegal catches, Italian fishers say

EU law to reduce deforestation is on a knife’s edge, will leaders act? (commentary)

IKEA blamed for Romanian forest destruction

Traceability is no silver bullet for reducing deforestation (commentary)

Mini radio tags help track ‘murder hornets’ and other invasive insects

Norwegian salmon farms gobble up fish that could feed millions in Africa: Report

Biden’s new sanctions on Russia should include timber exports (commentary)

EU parliament expresses disapproval of Norway’s deep-sea mining plans

Indonesia and Spain sign agreement to protect migrant fishing workers

We need a better understanding of how crops fare under solar panels, study shows

Lessons from Finland’s attempt to transition to a circular economy

Spain sanctions fishing vessels for illegally ‘going dark’ near Argentine waters

Reports allege abuses by Glencore in Peru and Colombia, and the banks funding them

Nature-based recovery needed for Ukraine’s damaged protected areas (analysis)

Long-term wildlife impacts at Chornobyl, Fukushima may yield ‘a new ecology’

U.S. and U.K. lawmakers must wake up to the coffee problem (commentary)

A lithium ‘gold mine’ is buried under one of Europe’s last heritage farming systems

Ecologists help migratory birds adapt to climate change

Chemical recycling of plastic not so fantastic, report finds

Report shines partial light on worst labor offenders in opaque fishing industry

Can aquaculture solve the Mediterranean’s overfishing problem?

Battling desertification: Bringing soil back to life in semiarid Spain

Iceland’s whaling paradox (commentary)

As climate change hits the Turkish coast, more marine reserves are needed (commentary)

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