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Jokowi’s religious mining rule divides Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization

Java farmers vow to live under own steam as geothermal project falters

Environmental protests under attack: Interview with UN special rapporteur Michel Forst

Bali’s rapid coastal erosion threatens island’s ecosystems & communities: Study

Revealed: Illegal cattle boom in Arariboia territory in deadliest year for Indigenous Guajajara

Unrest and arrests in Sumatra as community fights to protect mangroves

Cambodian companies tied to abuses promoted by UN program, rights group alleges

Indonesian fishers mount a community-led fight against destructive fishing

How real action on environmental justice comes from Latin America’s community alliances (commentary)

Mongabay video screening at Chile’s Supreme Court expected to help landmark verdict in Brazil

In a village divided, farmers stall massive copper mine in Colombian Andes

Trial begins for Mother Nature Cambodia activists on conspiracy charge

Environmental defenders paid the price during Panama’s historic mining protests – report

Rights groups call for greater public input in ASEAN environmental rights framework

Indigenous communities along Argentina’s Río Chubut mobilize to conserve waterway

Indigenous Bolivians flee homes as backlash to mining protest turns explosive

Indigenous efforts to save Peru’s Marañon River could spell trouble for big oil

Alis Ramírez: A defender of the Colombian Amazon now living as a refugee in New Zealand

Cambodian official acquitted in trial that exposed monkey-laundering scheme

Indigenous Filipinos fight to protect biodiverse mountains from mining

‘Planting water, eating Caatinga & irrigating with the sun’: Interview with agroecologist Tião Alves

In Nepal, environmental advocates fend off ‘anti-development’ smear

In Raja Ampat, pearl farming balances business and ecological sustainability

Landslide in Philippines mining town kills nearly 100, prompts calls for action

Study: Indonesia’s new capital city threatens stable proboscis monkey population

In the Brazilian outback, the half-century Kapinawá struggle for sacred ground

Sarawak government’s hydropower plans worry Indigenous communities

Grassroots efforts and an Emmy-winning film help Indigenous fight in Brazil

What’s at stake for the environment in El Salvador’s upcoming election?

‘Hope is the last to die’: Q&A with Indigenous leader Jose Parava on land rights

Courage & calm despite attacks: Q&A with Colombian activist Yuly Velásquez

Civil-backed proposal seeks to address root causes of Thailand’s choking haze

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